Friday, April 04, 2008

Fat ATCs and Legos

First some ATCs for the Alphabet Swap. I went with a phobia theme and wanted to do some interactive pieces. You can force the chicken to cross the road and get vertigo from falling down some miniature stairs. The bookshelves in Bibliophobia are 3D on an acordian pleat. All of the ended up WAAAAAAY fatter than intended but they are architetual masterpeices. I am going to make a set for myself with out all the writing on the later. Sorry about the fuzzy pics. Aparently I forgot I had a Macro function on my digicam.

My partner in One Tiny Thing has recived her Lego Earings. Balue loves green and had some Legoy things and nifty earings on her wist. I think these worked well for her. She seems to genuinly like them. I made a blue and white set for myself which I imagine myself wearing with a formal dress and high heels for some odd reason.

One more tid bit.... I am totaly hooked on a podcast called Craftcast. It has been around for a few years but I just recently stumbled across it. If you don't know about it yet visit the site or subscribe on iTunes. This is an amazingly insprational and informational cast. Learn about new techniques and products and feel good about craft and art. It makes the artist in me smile big. Thanks Alison Lee for all the good stuff.