Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lots Of Work

Who decided to make work so much .... WORK? It is really not that bad. I just like complaining about my boss leaving me to run the shop by myself for three weeks. I also get to be the bad guy and tell people that their orders can not be completed untill next month because the woodshop guy is out on vacation (also my boss). There is only so much I can do in one day and I kinda refuse to learn carpentry so I don't have to take up that slack too. Good news is, the new jobs have been posted (I hope a bagillion peope applied) and I have a few people volunteering. They get to be my slave labor and push a button every 6 minutes to help engrave 250 beer glasses. I couldn't do it this month with out them. Thanks AP and TT! *hug*

I got all my homework finished and my final exam is complete. I now should have much more time to do actual art instead of just learning about its history. That is of course if my neighbors let me be a hermit. How can I make stuff when they keep cooking me dinner and making me drink German beer? Have you ever tried to crochet drunk? Bleh. Don't do it. Oh, and all this in time for Mike to come back from a month in Romania. *squee* He said he has been drawing some tattoo designs. I've been hoping he would get back into illustration so I can use his drawings for my art. (I'm so selfish) His hand drawn stuff translates well into embroidery and sometimes art quilts. I'm tottaly in love with Ed Hardy's stuff and think Mike's designs would look great on some shoes or a hat. I'll paint em if he draws em.

The good thing about working so much lately is all the creative stuff I've been able to do for customers. Lots of standard plaques and framed art but also neat engraving and intersting shadow boxes. I spent most of my day hand stitching a peewee football jersey so that it would lay flat. Then I had to stitch it to the background mat board. Chalanging, but time consuming. I'll take some pics of work stuff since personal atr seems to have gone out the window last month. And I missed sign ups for this round of Alphabet ATCs. Pooh, I'm gonna miss out on JKL. Personal Swap anyone? I need some thing to work on.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Yes, that is Nathan Fillion and Neil Patrick Harris in a Joss Whedon mini web show. It is curently down loading (ever so slowly) onto iTunes. I will post later to tell you how much you should drool and if it was worth my $6.

Grrr, Arrrrgh

Edit to add....

DUUUUUUUUUUDE!!!!! Posibly the best $6 I have ever spent. And I know this isn't strictly craft related but really I wouldn't be a craft nerd without all the other nerd bits too.

So, should you buy this? Yes! Is Joss a God? Yes! Does Nathan Fillian look good in a tight shirt with permanently erect nipples? Always! (though I'ma sucker for the under dog so I was totaly into Dr. Horrible)

Ok, back to crafting.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Some Day

Some day we will hire another person at work and I won't be beat when I get home.
Some day I will do homework on time so I don't have to cram enough reading for 2 quizzes into one day.
Some day the tech department will learn to ask "is it plugged in?" before telling me there must be major problems in the phone line.
Some day people will stop flaking on me and I will be able to have faith in people.
Some day I will be my own boss and be able to do it MY WAY.
Some day I will have plenty of time to blog once a week. Its a goal of mine, really.

Untill then here are 3 paper quilled flowers on ATCs for the Alphabet swap part GHI.

(pics to follow as soon as I down load them from the camera, duh)