Monday, November 02, 2009

Crazy Cat

So I haven't had as much time to craft lately as I would like. I got a kitten a couple months ago and he is no conducive to crafty endeavors. Here is Vash "helping" me crochet a rug. This is the third time I've crocheted this rug actually. The first time it was round and done with a hook that was way to small for the tshirt yarn. The second time the rug magically became two small round rugs with the correct, Q, sized hook. They just seemed too small. So Now it is an oblong shape that seems to be just perfect for the space it is in. What a difference the correct hook can make.

And I'm finally posting pics of the Halloween pop up ATCs from a swap last month. Mostly I'm lazy about getting pics up. I made two of each this time since I'm always a little sad to put so much work into these and then just ship them away. I'm not sure if it is healthy to have separation anxiety with your art but at least I solved the problem.
The first one is my favorite way to kill a zombie. There is a clear acetate pull tab that makes the chainsaw dig into the zombies head.

Next is a classic pull tab that makes the mouth open and close and the eyeballs move up and down. The two are a little different because the first is all over shiny with a coat of Diamond Clear. I did this to cover up a few gluey mistakes but really like the way it came out in the end.

This one is just a standard pop up of a gruesome dead hand. The tomb stone says "Izzy Dead" My partner's says "R.U. Dead." Typical, I know...
This one was done as a special request for a Nightmare before Christmas fan. This is Oogie Boogie and his roulette wheel of doom. The wheel spins, nothing fancy but fun to play with.

And last, a little haunted house with ghosties, bats and a witch flying across the moon. Another wheel type but done on acetate to show the moon color through the hole.

By the way, all of the art work here is hand drawn by me! No stealing images from the net this time. That was a big challenge for a clip art nerd like me!
I really have done other crafting these last couple of months. I will try to get pics up while the husband is out next month. I made a Ruffle Tshirt Skirt, Sashiko Saddle Bag Purse, Harajuku Yukata and anything else I can find.