Thursday, March 26, 2009

Long Time No Craft

I know... not doing so good on the post-once-a-week resolution. Well, it has been tougher than I thought. I did finish my first crocheted sweater, though I can't manage to get a decent picture of it. I also have made a few ATCs wich are put away and ready to be packed. Did I mention that we've been preping to move back to the U.S.? It takes time away from the crafting. That and reading too much instead.

I have done a few things latley though. I got all the inchies framed from a swap last year. I left room for another 50 I may receive in round 2 but missed the sign up. More waiting then. I was the custom framer on an Army post in Hohenfels, Germany so the matting and frame are custom built for the job. I must have had a slow week to want to do all the math for that mat cut.

Mike and I got a little obsesed with our Nintendo DSs this last month, too. They realy have come a long way since they first came out and only had weird games with convoluted use of the stylus. Plus Mike seems to be learning Japanese from his. Anything we use this much must be worthy of a customized case. After doing a little research I took bits I liked from lots of designs and drafted a patern. Two prototypes later we have one of a kind awsomeness. Haley, my coworker's daughter, also got one cause she rocks and drew a bee for me that I will someday get tattooed. Thnaks Haley!

Here are a three Pretty Little Pin Cushions. I made them as samples for my last class with Katie. Top one is made of scrap cotton; middle is silk ties; bottom is squares from Angie. Angie got the bottom one as a gift for finaly coming home from visiting her familiy.

P.S. I had a pain in the butt posting these pics just now. They kept wanting to be choped off by the minimum pixel count for this lay out. Thanks to The Blogger Guide for the HTML help. I'm useless with that kind of left brain thing.