Friday, October 22, 2010

There Goes My Resolution

Well my New Year's Resolution of updating my blog weekly has been shot. For 6 months I have slacked. Granted, a good chunk of that involved moving and hanging out with my parents in Nevada. During that time I fried a laptop, got a new laptop, lost a cat, moved to Florida, got a new cat, started an etsy shop, wrestled with a bit of depression, got a new sewing machine and taught myself to knit.

My crafting has suffered from much of this. As have my clip art collection and personal photographs. But I seem to be up and running better now with a few projects in the que. There is an Amish Fans quilt top hanging on my design wall and a drop stitch scarf begging to be photographed. I am also trying to decide about a baby present and pick some yarn for a sweater.

So, picks and stories coming soon. Now if my back would just feel better....