Thursday, November 11, 2010

Still Working

After a long two days of webmastering for the Pahrump Arts Council I am more than ready to work on my own net adventures.

I finished the Amish Fans quilt top and it is stunning. I'm also most of the way done with a scrappy Churn Dash quilt top. I had a dream about somebody spray painting some lovely street art all over it. I wish I knew someone who would do that for me.

I started a new knitted scarf/wrap. It is the Morning Frost Wrap by Debbie Stoller. I made this in the same natural colored cotton as the drop stitch scarf in hopes of dying it to my likes. It may be much further into winter before I get to wear it tho. The lace pattern is simple but takes some patience. Meaning that I can't just whip thro it while watching tv. Counting those stitches takes too much concentration. Thankfully I learned about life lines in stitching before I started this piece. I've had to rip back twice so far.