Monday, May 12, 2008

Resolution Broken

I really truly wanted to post at least once a week in this blog. Seeing as my last post was over a month ago I guess I messed that one up a bit. I could blame it on work or my husband or just lack of time but that would most likely by a lie. I suppose I have just slipped into lazyness. I have finished one and started a second swap with no pics posted. I also haven't updated my swap journal for a loooong time. I am now in total awe of those people who blog daily much less weekly.

I promise (cross my heart and hope to die) that I will post pics and more by the end of the week. I have tons from the latest class of kids sewing monsters and my one on one class, we finaly have a doll with arms AND legs.

The rest of the night will be spent finishing my ATCs for the DEF part of the swap. And the rest of the week will be for finishing up the 8 more pirate flags on comision for Mikes soldiers. I'm bored to death with them but its good money so I shouldn't complain.

Please drop a coment in the box if you enjoy my site or have any ideas about its improval (other than posting more-I already crossed my heart)

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