Monday, July 14, 2008

Some Day

Some day we will hire another person at work and I won't be beat when I get home.
Some day I will do homework on time so I don't have to cram enough reading for 2 quizzes into one day.
Some day the tech department will learn to ask "is it plugged in?" before telling me there must be major problems in the phone line.
Some day people will stop flaking on me and I will be able to have faith in people.
Some day I will be my own boss and be able to do it MY WAY.
Some day I will have plenty of time to blog once a week. Its a goal of mine, really.

Untill then here are 3 paper quilled flowers on ATCs for the Alphabet swap part GHI.

(pics to follow as soon as I down load them from the camera, duh)

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