Sunday, July 19, 2009

Finaly Settling In

I havn't posted in a long time but I have still been crafting. The problem with moving back to the states is that there is a long time when you don't get to your stuff. In our case it was over two months. Except for having a limited wardrobe I really missed having all my craft stuff on hand whenever I wanted. So I had to decide just what to bring with to keep me busy. This craft had to be light and compact, keep me busy for looooong periods of time and be alowed on aircraft. I narrowed it down to embriodery. It is small enough that I could put it in my pocket if I had too but varied enough that I wouldn't get bored with it easily. But what will I do with all these little works of art? The inspiration was just next door. My neighbor in Germany made a quilt of little skulls for her son and I totally ripped off the idea (with her aproval, of course). I was also inspired by the tattoos that my husband and I had recently got. Add it all together and you get an Embroidered Tattoo Quilt.

Here are the first pannels from a project that will probly take me 15 years to finish.

This is the first embriodery for the tattoo quilt. It is a zombie girl in the Dios De Los Meurtos style. Unfortunatly the design is "borrowed" randomly from a flash web page. If you know or are the original artist I would love to give credit for the art. My favorite part is the netting over her hair. Finished in April 09 at my mom's house during a quilter's meeting.

This is my second embroidery for the quilt. Inspired by the "incognito" tattoo. You get a mustache on the inside of your finger so you can put it up to your lip and you will be in disguise. The twist is that this mustache belongs to Alex Louise Armstrong (seen below) from the anime Fullmetal Alchemist. Notice the pink glitter, thats my fav part! Designed and finished while playing "All Flesh Must be Eaten" at Jon's house May 2009.
The next embroidery for the tattoo quilt was inspired by those generic hearts with "mom" on a banner across them. Everyone has seen them. I like my mom but I think nerds deserve some love too. Designed and finished during that same game of "All Flesh Must be Eaten" at Jon's house May 2009.
And last (for now) this is a classic Sailor Jerry tat. I think the white highlights came out a bit bright but I'm sure not taking it all out. I finished it while sitting in the motel room waiting to get our house on post, June 2009.

Right now I'm working on a lovely mermaid pinup. I'm about half way through. Oh yeah, and I did up a logo for an yet unstarted etsy page. We'll see how that goes in the next couple of weeks.
I'm also working on unpacking a millon boxes. We were down graded in houses and I'm going a little crazy with a lack of storage in this place. We are also lacking so much wall space that I can't hang 2/3s of my art. Thats what happens when this is the first place we've been in with no stair well.

If you have some ink you would like featured on the quilt please send me a pic. And if you would like to see larger pics of the embriodery you can check out my flickr page. More of all the crafty goodness will be coming soon!


  1. these are fantastic Anna!! I can't wait to see the finished quilt! (I'm glad I'm not the only one in my age group that quilts!)

  2. Anonymous10:13 AM

    I love the mustache !!
    (I loved watching fma!did you see the new season?)