Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Little Frustrated

I've been working on some amazing ATCs for a swap. The theme is Halloween Pop-Ups. I'm so in to the idea of this since I did the interactives for the ABC ATC swap. Unfortunatley, I'm getting a little fed up with it at every step.

First off the sign up date was pushed back to allow a few people to clear their swap que. No big deal except the due date wasn't changed. Also, the new quantity of swapers changed the the quantity of partners per group. We are now making 5 differant cards with a week less to do it.

Secondly, I decided to hand draw all the elements in my cards. This is a first for me. I realy enjoy others drawn out work and feel that it brings a personal touch. This, and the fact that I am making sure to make a copy of each for myself this round, has doubled my production time.

Lastly, I've already received two cards from early sending partners. I wish they both would have used more of their time to research and refine their ideas. The ideas they each had were great but poorly executed. The first is a bit unfinished but otherwise I can't complain. The second is a red hot mess. The idea is brilliant and I wish I would have thought of the moon phase pull tab but... *sigh* it is just so poorly put together.

I put so much thought and effort into my art and take pride in a finished product. This just dosen't feel like an equivalent exchange. The only thing I can do is post pics and try to be nice. I'm sure others will see the quality and understand. Just say the nice things and let the work speak for itself. And of course stop being so critical of my own work. Bleh. I can't wait to be done with paper and glue. I really want to sew this week.

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