Friday, February 08, 2008

Blowing Off Some Steam

I have yet to have a mad rant but I think now is the time. First let me say that I mean no crafter or web site or wonderful moderators or voters on said site any disrespect. That said, I'm a little disapointed in the current leader of the Crafster Craft Challange #24. Now in full disclosure, I did enter this contest (with no thought I would have a chance of winning) but I don't appreciate losing to someone who didn't follow the rules.

The purpose of the challange was to create something to help you fulfill a New Year's resolution. I.e. if your resolution is to be move environmentaly aware then you could make reuseable shopping bags. The current vote leader's resolution was to use her fabric stash. Her entry is an item using her fabric stash. This is NOT what the contest is about. There is even lengthy discusion in the challange thread about this from weeks before.

snowyangle: "My resolution is to use up my fabric that seems to keep piling up all the time! I hope that counts."
sweets4ever: "As long as your challenge entry is something that helps you achieve that resolution (a fabric organizer, a calendar charting out all of the projects you're going to work on, plans to build a house out of fabric, etc.), it


sweet4ever: "We never disqualify people/projects, so if someone didn't follow the challenge concept/rules, they might be included in the list, but I'm sure they'll get less votes in the end."

Can you at least understand why I'm sooooooo frustrated by this? I don't mind losing but I hate to lose to someone who clearly didn't read the rules or thread of discusion before entry. And obviously nobody voting read the rules either no matter what we would like to belive. I'm sure most of this is total PMS but I think I'm justified in this argument. I just didn't want to post on the original thread and to stir up trouble.

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  1. theantihipster7:42 PM

    wow, it's weird I happened upon your blog, I just voted for the challenge & I was thinking the same thing! She didn't follow the rules at all, and to me it's wasteful because she's NEVER going to wear that dress. I refuse to make crafts that are just going to sit around and gather dust, that drives me nuts. With all the thrifty/recycled/earth-conscious entires out there, I'll be super bummed if she wins.