Wednesday, January 07, 2009

No More XMas

Yeah! Xmas is over. Anyone who has ever worked retail will understand my pain. Crazy busy for two months and now there is virtualy nothing to do at work. Except make myself look busy.

Good news is, I have definately gotten back to crafting. I made the hat for Mike as discussed in the last post and even started on the sweater. I completed a few small projects and have plenty on my list still. Hopefully now that dear Katie has her own sewing machine I will have Mondays to sew for myself now. (we'll see how that pans out). Meanwhile, Mike is back on a miniatures kick. There is an entire army of WWII dudes waiting to be painted in my living room. I miss painting minis to so there is also a small contingent of elves and pegasus. Oh, and he bought me Pokethulhu minis for Xmas that I started on tonight. The large Pikatulhu took more resculpting of the metal than any other pewter cast I have ever seen. I also have three small and one GINORMOUS dragons to paint. So much to do, so little time. *sigh*

Along with all of that the house is slowly getting cleaned and reorganized due to the moving in 3 months thing. I will be without my craft supply collection for months! At least we will be back on planet USA and near some great craft stores. As though I need more.

----new pics next post, I swear. maybe even tonight if they are easy edits------

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