Sunday, January 10, 2010

Gifts From Friends

This week was all about crafting for swaps. Instead of spoiling the surprise I would like to share some things my friends gave me this week. I'm not sure how I got so lucky. Sometimes objects made by hand with crafty love just need to find someone to fully appreciate them.

Charu gave me this fabric wrap from India. It is about 6 x 3 feet big and hand embroidered all over. Every vine and flower is filled in with chain stitch. There are also little silver jewel to give it some sparkle. The amount of work that went into this peice is a little mind boggling to me. Added to that the fact that Charu had 3 of them herself. Eventhough the person who stitched this was doing it to make a living I hope she put as much love into it as if it were for herself.
The detail is just amazing. Thank you for thinking of me sweety. You are amazing!

This table runner (I think that's what it was intended for) was embroidered by my friend Mark's Grandmother. When she passed away she left behind some amazing craft work. The box I was gifted included this stitching and a small collection of vintage sewing advertisements and patterns. I can't tell you how honored I am to be entrusted with the memories of past artists. Thank You Mark!
Here is the detail of the lazy daisy stitches. The pattern is unfinished but still gorgeous. The small spots are from an unfortunatley placed needle. It seems to have gotten a little rusty in the 50 years of sitting in a box.

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