Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hey, Its Those Sewing Projects I Promised

All these projects have been made in the past couple months and for some reason never got photographed or posted.

First up is a Sashiko Stitched Saddle Bag Purse. The pattern comes from Stitch Magazine, Fall 2009. The outside is a shiny pretty blue fabric that was going to be part of a halloween costume that never happened. The stripes inside are left over from a messenger bag I never finished. The asian is a random fat quarter I had in my stash.

Of all the embroidery I've done in the past this is the first that is done in sashiko. The traditional Japanese stitch was used to hold together layers of fabric in winter kimonos. There are many traditional patterns all done in the simple running stitch.

Bag opened up so you can see the two pockets. This seperation makes it great to put my electronics and sun glasses in one side and things that would scratch them in the other. The pockets are just big enough to slide a note book in making it perfect for grocery day or carying a sketch book.

Here is the detail shot of the sakura blossom. The pink thread wasn't quite right but I like that the flower is a little hidden. There is also a blanket stitch around the patch.

Next up is a scraf born from compulsion. When I saw the pattern in the lattest Quilting Arts Magazine I just had to make it. All the patch work fabric is from fat quarters in my stash. The back is left over from a swap I did last year.
The colors don't seem to go with anything in my wardrobe so I'm going to send it to Mom. It is so her colors.
Time: 5 hours
Cost: $0

And last is a little bear purse I made as a 50% scale prototype for the Goth Loli Swap I'm working on. I think he needs a nose and maybe wiskars. The zipper will work a little better in the full size bear. Otherwise he is pretty cute.
Pink gingham is scraps from my Sickly Sweet halloween costume. All other bits are from my stash.
Time: 1.5 Hours
Cost: $0

An ATC made from the leftovers from the bear bag. It is called "Loli Leftovers". I think it is super sweet.

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