Friday, December 04, 2009

A Little Lolita

I was in a sewing slump and a Gothic Lolita craze a few months ago. I came across a really cool style of GL called Wa Loli in which a traditional Japanese Kimono or Yukata was paired with fluff and adorableness. Just my cup of tea. I looked forever and found a great tutorial for kimono/yukata online. I found out later that the designer of the tute has been on my etsy favs list for ever, lovely coincidence discovering her again.

I took the pattern and down sized it to try it out first. My model, of course, is Poppy. She was so happy at the prospect of a new outfit that she was in the clouds. I also made a sweet fluffy tulle skirt and matching obi belt to complete the look.
Here are a couple pics from the photo shoot. There are larger versions and a couple extra on my flicker page.
I have finished the larger version for myself. Mine is a bit more punk to go with a shorty tutu I got at Hot Topic (no teasing now). I made it black and white so that it can be versatile with other skirts and obis mix and match style. I will post pics as soon as the husband comes home (to photo) and if the weather gets better anytime soon.
Oh, and I remembered to post all this because I joined a Goth/Loli swap. I'm all excited about loli again now!

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