Thursday, March 11, 2010

Vintage Papercraft and Obligatory Cat Pics

After a month of not posting I have plenty of to share. I seem to be in a papercraft state of mind so lots of ATCs and inchies lately.

This is the set I made for the 3x3 ATC Swap on craftster last month. Alwaysinmyroom gave me 9 themes to try to incorporate in the spread. I was able to fit most. The prominent ones are Asian, sewing and red. Also included are cats, wildlife and technology. To pull together all of the varied themes I made all 9 from the same background paper. I Mod Podged a vintage sewing pattern to some card stock and toned down the shininess with gesso. Then I scoured my ephemera collection. I pulled together all the mismatched items with the color red. Always adores it and even called me her new craftster crush. *blush*

I usually try to make a copy of all ATCs for myself. In the case of the 3x3 Swap I really couldn't. Most of my found objects were one of a kinds so it really was impossible. Instead, I took a second background page of the decoupaged apron pattern and added the bits of the rest the sewing pattern. The first row is from the front of the envelope. The second is from the back. The third row as bits from the instruction pages inside. The set is pulled together by scraps of lace, ribbon and rick rack repeating in each row. I love the vintage feel of the set. It is so cute.

With the leftovers of the leftovers I had just enough to make a matching set of inchies. I added drawn on stitching lines to define each object.

Between sewing projects Vash entertained me by running around like a freak. Mike started calling him Super Vash after he started taking corners by running up the wall. I new then that he needed a cape. I used scraps of fleece and a bit of ribbon. It slides around a bit but it is so cute.

Here is Super Vash preparing for a day of crime fighting.

Taking a break but staying vigilant by watching for evildoers out the window. Or is he watching squirrels? Or are they EVIL squirrels?

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