Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Naughty Inchies and Firey Foxes

My last swap before the next big move is the Alphabet Inchies Swap on craftster. Group 2 are all the ladies who said they don't mind (or even prefer) "naughty" words. I had every intention of being truly foul mouthed. God knows I have no problem with that. Instead, my words tended towards innuendo and the pictures to sexy. Of all the inchies I've made this set was the hardest to split up and send. They look so great together and I just love the combination of vintage images, modern photos, hand drawn images and 3D objects. I'm just crossing my fingers that they all get to their new home safe and sound.

About halfway through living in Germany I started my infatuation with foxes. Around that same time I came across a pattern online for a paper banner of little foxes. (sorry, can't find the original source) I downloaded the artwork but it took me a while to find just the right paper to use. It was 6 coordinating purple and green florals. They looked so great in an open window against the spring background of our neighbor hood. Then.... I got a cat. He liked my paper foxes too. I repaired them 4 times before deciding on a needed change. Thankfully, I had just the right batik fabric and grommet setter. Now these foxes are stylish!

Obligitory cat pic: Vash is so cute when he sleeps.

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