Monday, December 10, 2007

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff

I've been so wicked busy at work that most of my crafting time has been spent on the few swaps that I've let myself do. I have found time to squeeze in a few small projects.
I desperately needed stitch markers for doing crochet projects that are all WIPs right now. I can never keep count with my plain colored ones. I have been brain storming ways of putting numbers on them when I remembered the ancient Risk game upstairs. I melted some holes and added some beads. I hope DH isn't too upset about it. :)

I also made up a bunch of earrings right before Halloween. The bats are from Hallmark's mini ornament series. All the Legos came from one small kit. I love the way the bad guy looks like he wants to stab the skeleton in the eye. The wooden squares were cut on the laser engraver from some scrap press board. The burn marks were intentionally left 'cause I love them. They still smell burnt up too.

Lastly, the makeup bag in my purse has fallen apart after who knows how many years. I love the zipper bags made from chip and ramen bags. I found this beautiful bag (and tasty ramen) to use. I also made a business card/mini wallet to match. I was glad to find a use for the many yards of vinyl I have in my stash. The bag is lined with a beautiful black fabric with silver kanji.

All other crafting has been swap based. I will happily post these pics once my partner has received.

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