Thursday, November 22, 2007

Drew's Flag

Every pirate needs a proper flag. Drew will now be able to pillage in style with his OOAK flag. I feel that it its very important for every pirate to have a flag specific to themselves. It proves who is the real thing and who bought their Jolly Rodger and the surplus store.

The 5th flag I've made in recent months may be the last I do. This is the biggest commission I've ever done. Both in size and time. The final size of the flag is about 72" x 60". It is made of heavy canvas cloth for stability. The eyes are painted. I used a double sided applique technique (I may have made that up) to make it reversible and flyable. The design was suggested by the client but drawn and enlarged by me. The other 4 flags currently fly over a military base in Afghanistan, a present from my husband to his soldiers.

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